The Beginning of chemo at Shands.Thanks to my sister Louise for the Barney.It kept her going throughout her treatments.On the left is me,Dr Cheryl,Jessi,Barney and Catherine.

This is our Angel Dr Cheryl Hawk. During an exam found a tumor in Jessi's Ab.Below her left kidney,close to the spine.Neuroblastoma.

This was taken at the 10 yr Bone Marrow Reunion.There really are Miracles at work.we just don't see them.Like Dr John says.We only see the nightmares not the cures.The song that is playing is Angels Among us by Alabama.This was the first song Jessi and I did together after she was well again.She was 6yrs old when we did this...

Finally treatments were all done and Jessi was about to begin her new life.

Jessi was allowed to come home during waiting periods of treatments.One Christmas morning woke up to this unbelieveable sight.Thanx to Amy for this Barney.This picture says it all.

This is Susan Staba.Became Jessi's Bone Marrow buddy.She was becoming a Doctor while at the same time becoming close to Jessi.This angel sacrificed her time and in some cases her studies to be with Jessi and spend quality time playing with her..We love you Susan.Susan has since become a Doctor at Duke.

This is Greta.Who became Jessi's close friend.She is the RN that gave all the chemo,etc..she became very dear to all of us..God Bless you Greta wherever you are.We love you.

Dr Cheryl sent us to this man.Dr John Graham Pole.An oncologist and soon to be Jessi's Savior.He knew exactly what to do and got rid of the tumor.Jessi was awarded a new lease on life.She was given a 100% cure at age 2yrs..she is now 18 and growing like a weed..Thanks for Miracles.

This is where it all began.April 18,1994. Day 1...I'm sitting with Jessi waiting for the nightmare to began at Shands.