Doctor Nagda And J

Mommy And J For The First Time

Daddy And J

J's First Christmas

Jessi Washing Our Beloved Penny.
Soon After She Was Diagnosed.April 18,1994


1st Grade

Jailhouse Rock Outfit For Ballet.
3rd Grade.

Jessi In Girl Scouts.4th Grade

Learning To Cook.4th Grade

Into The Harry Potter Phase.5th Grade

Receiving A D.A.R.E Award 2004.5th Grade

2004.5th Grade

5th Grade

Accelerated Reading Award May 2004.6th Grade

Jessi's 13

14th Birthday

Acting very Freaky

May 2005.7th Grade

I'm Too Sexy For My Hair.7th Grade

December 2004.7th Grade

September 2005.8th Grade

Award Ceremony Photo


Ms.Woessner,Jessi,Eric Seymour



Formal Dance

8th Grade Prom

Jessi And Leon Prom Night

Jessi And Leon Prom Night


Officer DiVatteo

Ms.DeLacey Brown

Principal Eric Seymour




Principal Eric Seymour,Jessi


Ms.DeLacey Brown,Jessi

Jess and Friend next door.
Taken in July 2006

Taken in July 2007 during Jc's visit

This is Jessi today. July 7, 2009

A Little Note From Dad And Mom To All The Teachers
And Staff Of Northport Middle For Taking care And Guiding
Jessi in The Right Direction.You All Are loved And Will Be Missed

J's First Birthday

Devastation In Our Lives.April 18,1994

Project Award ceremony

Jessi's Graduation Ceremony

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