Sgt.Art Farro RA-14915973

of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Support Battalion Co.D

Invite all of our friends and brothers to come with us
on a voyage through time,as you witness first hand pictures of
An Khe,Tuy Hoa,Bien Hoa,Qui Nhon VietNam 1967-68

Welcome To My Military Page

The Pictures Below Were Taken during my
tour of duty in Vietnam.My travels from Bien Hoa to An Khe.
they're meant to honor anyone that served in Vietnam or
any other war.To all my Brothers in arms.I salute you.
And to my New found friend,Randy Malkiewicz.I salute you.

Me in VietNam 1967

Me taking a pic

My Beloved brother John and Me

A jump from a C-130

The inside of a C-130,ready to jump

This was my home."An Khe" central highlands

Cam Rahn Bay

Me working on a chopper

Something charlie never wanted to see.When
this truck drove around the perimeter,and fired these quad
50's,nothing dared to move.Just the sight of it was enough.
You can't imagine.

Perimeter road with guard tower

These are the flying cowboys "chopper unit"

My best friend DJ.Lost before I left to come home

An M-60 machine gun on my tower lookout

My barracks area

A dud mortar outside my hooch from an attack

Jeep destroyed by mortar

This was our perimeter

Flares over Perimeter Road in An Khe

70th Engineer Batt was hit,right behind
my barracks.People were screaming.My friend Randy
lived near by.

This is my 1st sgt. after the attack

Another shot from my lookout tower 34ft up

Helicopter Pad Area

Casper Co.Work Area

Bien Hoa,Vietnam

Qui Nhon

Qui Nhon Valley to An Khe

C130 runway made from rubber pads
in Qui Nhon

Tuy Hoa,View from chopper

Tuy Hoa view 2

Tuy Hoa beach.We used rubber
army rafts in this water.South china sea.
The water was so rough,we almost lost a man

Tuy Hoa beach

Tuy Hoa beach

South China Sea

Some additional pics

Straight out of Jump School with
the 82nd Airborne

These are a very young Matthew,Lissa,Kevin. Matthew being on the left.He was born in Vietnam and was adopted by me after I got out of the service.At the time the North Vietnamese were killing the darker children. I wanted to at least save one child,so I adopted him. He had bullet holes in both legs and perforated eardrums from gunfire.He stayed with us for a while and then became a danger to my kids.I couldn't let that happen,so I was forced to give him up to a very nice black family.A few years after,Matt died of complications.Rest in peace Matt you were loved by us and are now in a better place.

My Son Matthew Farro

In Memory Of An Khe Heroes

In Memory Of 911

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